MBFWA Day 2: Akira

I have to applaud Akira. In the Australian fashion industry that has been under fire for it’s lack of diversity in models, he managed to produce an incredibly eclectic show that included a range of ethnicities, as well another forgotten minority – alternative models. In a creative society that is growing increasingly accepting of tattooed models – this still somehow failed to reflect at the majority of the MBFWA shows.


The Akira show itself was beautifully minimalistic, with an almost tribal vibe, with flowing garments in lightweight fabrics and neutral tones contrasting with brighter polka-dot prints and large floral motifs. Signature Japanese silhouttes were explored through oversized vests that were layered and tied on top of fisherman pants, asymmetrical hemlines and delicate capes.

Words by Sara Nicolette, Photos by Jesse Mullins.


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