Baby’s Day Out: A Queer Eclipse

When baby goes out to play all hell breaks loose. As the sun starts to set what was once a whimsical tea party turns into a celebration of witchy energy and queer spirituality. Indulging in gluttonous desires is celebrated under the soft moonlight as the spirit of past and present manifestations are evoked. Let go of your inhibitions and join us as we bathe in the beauty of the eclipse, integrating masculine and feminine energies into one cohesive megaspirit.



Photography: Sahar @theyshootthem

Stylists: Yana & Alabama Blonde @alabamablonde

Key Pieces: Alabama Blonde @alabamablonde

Make-up: Fifi @n_alkatiri


Seymour @tancred

Curtis @eat_itup_loser

Jade @jadeleflay

Floral Decorator: Yvette Bishop @riverwolfxo

Set Assistant: Eva Bishop


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