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Bailey Stiles is a creative force who has become a permanent fixture in the NYC nightlife scene. A muse to many, an inspiration online and IRL, but most importantly a beautiful friend whose friendship is valued to the highest degree. The overwhelming number of people who have shared Bailey’s story and Go Fund campaign online speaks for itself in reflecting just how cherished this unique soul is. Within a few days Bailey’s Go Fund campaign for a gender reassignment surgery hit almost half its target, but with the other half still to go Bailey needs your help.

Bailey Stiles shot by Casey Spooner for Candy Magazine
Bailey Stiles shot by Casey Spooner for Candy Magazine

Tell us about your Go Fund Me campaign

My go fund me is for my gender reassignment surgery to help me with the expenses and time off I have to take while recovering. As a transgender woman this surgery to me is very important for my well-being and the way I would like to live my life comfortably.

Within a few days you already managed to reach half of your target. How does that feel knowing you have such strong support? 

It’s the best feeling I’ve ever had in my whole life, I am legit on an all-time high from the amount of love and support I’ve gotten from the community, from people I don’t even know and my loved ones and my family.

Bailey Stiles shot by Ryan Burke
Bailey Stiles shot by Ryan Burke

Being an artist and performer with such a high visibility in NYC, your following has come as a result of the inspiration you bring to the masses and by encouraging others to be themselves. Have you always been so confident and aware of your own identity?

I have always, no matter what process or place I’ve been in, lived my life to the fullest. Self love is the most important thing to me and I hope that every individual I come in contact with, who hears my story/or is just out there, that they can find that type of love for themselves. I still deal with insecurities just like every other individual but I love my heart and soul.

What do you think can be done to create more awareness for the trans community and for those wanting to learn more about GRS?

This surgery should be a given right first of all for the trans community. It is vital for the health and well being of an individual, and I hope that my story can make people see how supportive the community can be, and how family can actually support a trans individual.

Bailey Stiles - image from Bailey Stiles' tumblr
Bailey Stiles – image from Bailey Stiles’ tumblr

Is there a personal message you would like to send out to those who are looking at contributing to your cause?

The most important message that I’m trying to get across is to show the world that the community and our family members can actually still be there for the trans community. We don’t have to be alone, it does not have to be a sad story – it has to be an uplifting experience of change in the world. If you are able to, at least share, and if you are able to donate, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Bailey Stiles featured in a still from drag collective Chez Deep's film clip 'Touch'
Bailey Stiles featured in a still from drag collective Chez Deep’s film clip ‘Touch’

To support Bailey’s Go Fund campaign go to

Interview by Sara Nicolette, images from various sources (listed under image).


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