Barragán Makes Us Embrace Basic Human Instinct at NYFW

The era of technological saturation is now over. The Reckoning is here. In Barragán’s SS 17 collection presentation we were forced to question the importance of form versus function – was life better when it was lived under the direction of basic human instinct?

This necessity to revert back to the prehistoric times of cavemen was demonstrated through a hypnotic performance that saw models rolling a boulder up a hill – a gruelling struggle reflecting the battle between the overpowering presence of technology and the natural world. Was it possible for there to be a world of harmony between the two?

Barragan NYFW SS 17
Barragan NYFW SS 17 shot by Lucy Alcorn

And on the seventh day Barragán answered – unity between man and nature could occur, through utilitarian pieces with an innovative edge. Pockets were a recurring feature, idolising the need for function in this brave new world. Disjointed silhouettes and sheer fabrics contrasted with decorative ruffles, to remind us that clothes were a luxury not to be taken for granted.

Barragan NYFW SS 17
Barragan NYFW SS 17 shot by Lucy Alcorn

The models selected were an army of heavenly androgynous beings, a rebellion against the archaic definitive gender binary roles. Model Dick Wagner appeared beautifully feminine, wearing a t-shirt that encouraged this aesthetic, reading ‘Lesbian’. If this was the primitive times revamped, then I would happily give up my iPhone and laptop to join – as long as I could Instagram a photo of it first.

Photos by Lucy Alcorn, words by Sahar Nicolette.


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  1. Brilliant editorial & photographs Sara Nicolette! Just love the way you share and interpret the designer’s fashion vision.


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