Being an Eco Hoe™ with Plant-Based Label LAZ

LAZ is a 100% plant-based, ethical and sustainable design brand. In a world of fast-fashion and detachment from the source of our wardrobe, LAZ integrates compassion and sustainability into every creation. The materials used are natural and gentle on the body as well as the planet. LAZ aims to use purely natural textiles and fibers, so the garments are biodegradable at the end of their lives. When using synthetic textiles or blends, creative director and founder Luis Angel Zepeda used found, recycled or repurposed textiles. 

Each pattern and garment is designed and constructed in house by founder and creative director, Luis Angel Zepeda. LAZ makes each piece for themself and shares with the public via fashion shows, lookbooks, and commissions. 

LAZ sustainable fashion

“In 2015 I decided to stop buying clothes and committed to making my own garments, so as to not participate in the exploitations of fast fashion and embrace my unique vision. My closet didn’t accurately portray the way I desired to adorn myself, so it was up to me to make it. I taught myself basic garment construction with sewing skills my mom taught me, and have solely been wearing my creations since. As the years have passed and my style and craft have developed, my garment practice has evolved into a sustainable fashion brand for the bold and empowered individual that cares about the future of our Earth.”

LAZ plant-based fashion

“LAZ makes being ecologically aware sexy, fashionable and fun. Reconnecting the wearer with our Earth one look at a time.  My sustainable practice and connection with Earth’s natural eroticism led me to come up with the term Eco Hoe™. Being an Eco Hoe™ means you are conscious of the environment and passionate about healing our mother Earth, all while emulating a plant-based snack. LAZ encapsulates the essence of an Eco Hoe™. ¡Buen provecho!”

LAZ plant-based fashion

“Through my vision of making every garment with the Earth and the individuals wearing them in mind, LAZ brings a different perspective to fashion in which each garment is thoughtfully made with care and love. As of now, our operations are small but the visions are grandiose. LAZ sources sustainable fabrics from the Fashion District of Los Angeles and also thrifts and repurposes existing clothes.”

“As LAZ expands, the ethos of one of a kind looks made with care will remain. I want to bring a different approach to fashion, one that reflects what our divine ancestors did to dress themselves. LAZ will continue to make unique pieces as well as operate through one-on-one commissions. Through this slow and intimate process I want to reawaken the appreciation of resources, labor, fashion, art and our Earth to our Eco Hoe™ patrons and supporters.” – Luis Angel Zepeda, creative director & founder.

sustainable fashion eco friendly


Directed & Shot by MOM @directedbymom / @in.rl & @plaximus 

Assistant Camera: Luisa Betancur @lu.ida

Creative Director: Luis Angel Zepeda @luzepeda

Cast (Divine Beings)

Jordi @earthtojordi

Jazzy Mercedes @j_u_p_e_t_her_j_a_z_z

Pablo Aramburo @elunicopablo

Maya Edmond @prismessbeam

Kanea Blokland @kaneablokland

Noel Garcia @alastor.wrath

Luis Angel Zepeda @luzepeda

Makeup Art: Noel Gracia @alastor.wrath 

Photography: Gabriel Lopez @gabrielslopez & Rachel Larkin @in.rl


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