Buoyancy: Feeling Good Outside The Binary

Opalsutra Lingerie designed lingerie that’s meant for everyone regardless of gender, embracing those who stray from the binary. While the lace design makes for a feminine feel, the boxy cut balances that out with a masculine look.

When Emily Rose, the owner and designer of Opalsutra Lingerie, posted her Gender Neutral Boxers I immediately reached out to talk concepts with her. She even kindly made me a pair and they are SO comfy.
We both agreed we loved the way this set came out and wanted to show it off to the world! We hope more people will see that you can feel sexy and good about yourself regardless of how you identify.”
– Emma Parla-Aziz, Creative Director.



Taryn Morrill @tarynasaurusrex_
Dally Bissett @pretentioussquirrel
Joolee Rodriguez-Wells @jooleeannelee
Bridget Conlogue @opalkittyphotography
Tabitha Nicole @iplayedwithpandorasbox
Elle Nightingale @elle.nightingale

Designer: Opalsutra Lingerie @opalsutra_lingerie

Creative Director/Photographer: Emma Parla-Aziz @skyclad_creations


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