CATNIP: Genetic Modification & Queer Berlin

In the distant future, the cosmetic industry holds authority and a new dominant species prowl the earth. Xeno-Felines were born when designer genetic modification evolved to become a genetic mutation.

CATNIP was conceived when drag artist Purrja and photographer Hue Hale met after both immigrating from Ireland to Germany. Through feeling accepted in their new surroundings, they were inspired to construct a project that celebrates the forward-thinking queer community in Berlin. Drawing influence from retrofuturism and the alienation of city life, they captured their version of the future. In doing so, Purrja and Hale have created their very own planet far away from home.

Genetic modification
Genetic modification
Genetic modification
Genetic modification


Drag Artist/MUA/Creative Direction: Purrja @purrja

Photography/Creative Direction: Hue Hale @huehale

Handmade Knit Balaclavas/Assistance: Dan Fairhurst @djlfairhurst

Handmade PVC Accessories: Lui Trash

Shot on location in Neukölln Berlin at Sameheads courtesy of Nathan & Harry Dukes


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