Chanel & the Circus Created the Ultimate Sober Party Video

LA-based musician Chanel & the Circus brings quarantine art to a whole new level in their new single and music video “I Wanna do Drugs.” 

Spearheaded by Chanel Samson (they/them), “I Wanna Do Drugs” was recorded remotely and is the first single off their bedroom EP. A tune close to home for Samson, who has struggled with health issues over the years, resulting in their strict sobriety. The song explores eagerness to try narcotics and lose control while being restricted by one’s physical limitations. With an upbeat and catchy melody, the song leaves listeners feeling the rush of an artificial high after just one listen. 

When the pandemic started, Samson moved back home and produced this music video with their father, a fellow musician and filmmaker, creating monochromatic scenes symbolizing the drugs themselves (green for weed, brown for coffee, yellow for ecstasy, etc.). Samson stars in the video playing every single character and performs with their fellow “Chanel” band members as the ultimate “quarantine rock band”, masked and covered in slime. 

Samson hopes the video is as fun for others to watch as it was to create, and makes you dance, laugh, and feel less alone during this challenging time in our world. Check out the video for “I Wanna Do Drugs” by Chanel & the Cirus and read more about the inspiration behind the video, their journey of sobriety and keeping the artificial high alive during the uncertainty of a pandemic.

Despite the song’s title, this track is actually focusing on sending the message of focusing on an artificial high to the listeners. What led to you exploring the concept of an artificial high?

Yes exactly. I’ve been sober now for 2 years following the sudden decline in my health, which is still a mystery. My body is super sensitive to drugs of any sort, caffeine, booze, sugar, weed, etc so I had to stop everything and figure out a new way of life. I’m great at partying sober now because I’m used to it and get high off the people, who often ask me what I’m on. 

For those who are on the path to sobriety, do you have any tips or advice to give?

I would say let yourself grieve. Letting go of anything, especially a way of life, is a process much like losing a loved one. Remember the good times, cry for them, love them. Recognize that being sober is a choice, remind yourself why, and imagine how great your life is going to be now that you’re in charge. Everything is a habit and it’s completely possible to change your life if you stick to it. 

How do you think people can keep the artificial high alive during the uncertain times that we are in?

I think that once we get back to basics we realize the little things that bring us joy and get us high, like exercising, love, creating, dancing, and those little things start to become more and more vibrant and fulfilling. Being healthy physically and mentally is its own high, it can just take a while. 

What inspired the video’s bright visuals and costumes? 

The song is super upbeat and bold, so I wanted to make the video match. Plus I feel like every drug has its own personality, much like my many facets, so I played with that. Doing the emo boy was my favorite because people don’t see that side of me very often. 

Chanel & the Circus clip from the video.

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