Chita: The Neo-Soul Songstress Exploring Self-Love and Sensuality

Chita (the name of the series), real name Francisca, is a neo-soul songstress from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Back in her hometown, after living two years in London, she looks back at the experience abroad as a source of inspiration. Francisca says: “living in London gave me the opportunity of being someone else. I was far from everything and everyone I knew and felt free to be whoever I wanted to be. I allowed myself to be part of new experiences and people. Isolation as well as the contrast between “the old and the new” gave me the strength to put into music and lyrics my thoughts and feelings.

She is currently working on her album which will be released this March”

With these photographs, Chita was able to play with several personality traits she carries around with her and, also, break certain labels imposed on us frequently by society. Chita’s vibes promote originality, self love, sensuality and a pinkish style.



Photographer: Katja Stückrath @katjastuckrath

Model: Francisca Gil @panch.ita 


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