‘Dead’ by Kalafaker; Asexual & Timeless

KALAFAKER was born in 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. KALAFAKER grew, and was part of the movement of art and alternative fashion of Buenos Aires, where spaces of self-management formed the underground scene of Buenos Aires. The brand was always present in these type of alternative spaces; Popa Gallery, Gallery 5th Avenue, Bond Street, etc. In 2013 KALAFAKER created its own space / workshop / showroom in the neighbourhood of Abasto / Buenos Aires, where it continued to generate encounters and exchanges with contemporary artists and designers.

KALAFAKER is inspired by the designer’s own eclectic world. Original and without limits in the creative moment. The work is handmade. There are pieces created from scratch, and on several occasions vintage garments are customised. All people are unique. KALAFAKER is aimed at innovative people, who seek to stand out, who value 100% artisanal and works of art as living parts. The pieces created are asexual and timeless.


KALAFAKER’s collaboration with stylist & visual artist Marcopunk in the exclusive “DEAD” fashion editorial sees unique pieces of the “vintage customised” work being displayed, and the “missing link” of the designer and artist Pablo Kalafaker. “Vintage Customised” is the line that developed from the brand intervening and updating selected garments of the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. “Missing link” is the line where the pieces created from scratch, design, patronage and confection are made by the artist.

Dead by Kalafaker
Dead by Kalafaker

Photography: Rub @quiroga.cerdat

Model & Style: Marcopunk @marcopunkkk

Fashion / ArtWear: @kalafaker | kalafaker.com

Words by Kalafaker.


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