Deconstructing Masculinity in Queer Violet

In ‘Queer Violet’ Dominican photographer Mabel Rivas explores concepts of intimacy and deconstructing masculinity following an inspiring encounter with a queer friend.

“Queer Violet is inspired by my friend César and the visualization of an elevated and fluent being floating in a violet mist. I was drawn to their ethereal masculinity and the way he articulates his queerness in a way that is so confident and encouraging, yet subtle. These photographs highlight the importance of recognition, and reflect on how we carry ourselves, celebrate our essence and reclaim our freedom again and again in the long process of self-assembly.” – Mabel Rivas, photographer

deconstructing masculinity
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Deconstructing masculinity through fashion

Poem by César J. Peralta

Me soñé a través de tu lente. Me soñé rebelde, indomable e imponente. Me soñé de fuego rosa. Me soñé, como pocas veces me he soñado.

Me soñé de pelo corto y colorido. Sin prejuicios, sin defectos, como todo un ser perfecto. Una flor violeta que florece en el paradigmático desierto de prejuicios de Santo Domingo. Una bruja moderna. Llamas rosas son el reflejo de su ser a través del foco. Unx que no cabe en su cuerpo físico de pieles negras que traspiran oro.

Luces que salen de sus ojos son el reflejo de una masculinidad deconstruida. Una constelación de estrellas doradas se acentúa en su rostro con el pasar de los años.

Un ser imperfecto que solo puede ser admirado a través de quien ha llorado intensamente. Nos soñamos a través de tus ojos.
Cuir Interestelas

I dreamt myself through your lense. I dreamt myself in- domitable, rebelious, and imposing. Bursting in pink fire. A dream so rare that comes every so often.

I dreamt myself with short, colorful hair. Without prejudice or faults, just a perfect being. A violet flower that blossoms within the judgemental desert that is Santo Domingo. A modern witch. Pink flames reflect my essence through the lens. An essence that doesn’t fit in this physical body of black skin exuding gold.

The light that comes out of their eyes are the reflection of a deconstructed masculinity. A constelation of golden stars accentuating their face throughout time.

An imperfect soul that can only be admired through crying eyes. We dreamt ourselves through your eyes. Interstellar queer.


Photographer/Creative Director: Mabel Rivas @mabelru_

Model: César J. Peralta @cesarjoel410


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