Discount Universe Empowering Us With Their Pro-Choice Message

It was the show that had the avant-garde fashion crowd in a frenzy – alternative punters lined up dressed head to toe in Discount Universe to show their full support, and crowded round the runway in an over packed venue, excitedly waiting to get a first glimpse of DU’s Resort 2017 collection.


In pure Discount Universe signature style, this show had no shortage of provocative pieces, with empowering statements such as ‘never quit lovin’ your clit‘, ‘pro-choice’ and ‘sex is our business’ prominently displayed in bright sequins. More controversial statements included ‘could you fuck the sadness out of me’, ‘sin is in’ and ‘run the cops ova at traffic stops’ – a motto that caused a slight disturbance to some reviewers who claimed that this was promoting police violence. Being a brand whose foundation was born on being rebellious and shaking things up, it can be noted that providing controversy is still a large part of the selling point, as is the primary aesthetic of those who wear the designs. The statement ‘run the cops ova at traffic stops’  could be interpreted as a backlash towards excessive police brutality, as well as a commentary on the need for reform and social justice.

Discount Universe

The Clothes

Studded leather jackets, sequinned everything, metal rings, and bodysuits that were made for rockstars with large star and flower motifs – this collection was a merging of past and future where 70’s disco vibes met punk alien babe.

Discount Universe

Embellished thigh-high boots and long jackets were a key look, complete with high-pony tails and extensions that went down to the ground, evoking a glamour comparable to Barbarella – these girls sure were Queens of their galaxy.

Discount Universe

Floor length embellished dresses had high side splits and were finished with thigh-high boots – perfect for a modern day prom. The vamp girl aesthetic was complete with studded chokers and blood red lipstick that dripped from the girl’s lips down their necks, as though they had just eaten their prey.

We were definitely vibing this collection, it was a powerful representation of the Discount Universe brand and the messages their designs conveyed – reclaiming women as strong beings, who have the right to make decisions about their own body and sexuality. As a society we still have a long way to go towards achieving complete equality, but in the meantime we will continue to support Discount Universe’s challenging of the status quo.

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Words by Sara Nicolette, images by Jesse Mullins


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