Drag King is Fashion: Deconstructing Masculinity

“Drag king is Fashion” is an editorial that explores the concept of a drag king using gender-free clothing from the brand Trashyqueen. 

The project speaks about playing with the gender and subverting it through the use of non-binary fashion, exploring role switching and the deconstruction of masculinity that characterizes the drag king practice. 

“I believe that it is important to erase the gender binarism in fashion and to explore our roles through the clothes. I find drag kings very inspiring because they take their inner masculine roles and overstate them in order to make them visible to the society, demonstrating how absurd they can be and helping us connect with hidden pieces of ourselves.” – photographer María Arseguet.

The aim of this editorial project is to draw attention to the drag king practicers, who collectively aren’t visible enough. It also explores the idea of breaking society’s rules to follow ourselves and be liberated from the gender doctrine, dressing freely and challenging our body’s limits.

drag king non binary
drag king gender
drag king
drag king


Photography: María Arseguet @arseisdead 

Stylist: Mayte Oliver @mayte.olme 

Model: Billy boy @Billyboy_drag

Creative Director: María Arseguet @arseisdead and Mayte Oliver @mayte.olme 

Clothes: Trashyqueen @Trashyqueenshop


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