Dyspnea: Erotique SS 2017


A refreshing break from the official MBFWA schedule, Dyspnea previewed their Erotique Spring Summer 2017 collection in a private space in Alexandria, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to have been a part of it.

A whimsical wonderland was created through pink lighting, ceiling hung vines and ornamental roses that seemed to come to life from grass patches on the floor that also gave birth to plants resembling fairy floss – the setting was enticing enough to eat, as were the garments that followed.


The girls came out in full squad style, slaying with attitude to Rae Sremmund’s ‘No Type’, individually strutting out and then posing in one spot, until all the Dyspettes were united in a powerful ‘us versus them’ standoff. For good reason – these goddesses were meant to be admired in their heavenly pieces, ranging from seductive satin slip dresses to luxurious lace flared pants to tantalising tulle dresses. The Erotique collection was designed for princesses, queens, and lovers – it was romantically sexy in every sense and mysteriously alluring.


The styling was complete with tiaras, glitter and body jewels – essentials for the modern day Dyspette babe. Post-presentation the models and designers came out and danced with guests,  sharing pink champagne and delicious doughnuts in a beautifully inclusive environment – if there was a fashion heaven, then this was it.

Check out more from Dyspnea on their instagram page @dyspnea or their website dyspnea.com.au

Words by Sahar Nicolette, Images by Jesse Mullins


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  1. Dear Sara Nicolette,
    I Love this eloquently written editorial. It felt as if I were being teleported through time and space on a magical fairytale journey. Beautiful photos.

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