Non-Binary Upcycled Fashion in ‘Earthly Identities’

In her collection, Melisa Minca takes upcycled clothing to transform bodies and make bold statements about our desires through non-binary fashion. These characteristics find their origin in the Garden of Eden where the binary roles for sex, gender and power became defined. Here, in this series, the Garden of Eden has been rediscovered and in this garden, nothing is fixed. What was old becomes new, what was his becomes hers. 

This origin of Earthly identities has been transcended, here nature expands and bodies are in bloom. This new world is presented through a non-binary lens where fashion is not determined by gender but instead celebrates one’s body.

non binary fashion
non binary fashion
non binary fashion
non binary fashion


Photography/Art Direction: Eily Thams @eilythams

Clothes: Melisa Minca @melisaminca

Makeup: Estela Suarez @estela.suarez

Set Design & Lighting: Kiki @_kapitel5

CG Editing: Elisa Libertad Angerer @elisathecreative


Yha Yha @alyhalovemustdie

Rhiannon Thayer@rhiannonririx

Alexia @m.o.f.t

Alfiya Vitvitskaya @690387.841.00

Nix @nix____nix

Video: Bonnie Lee @triplebonnie

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