‘Expensive’ is Foxgluvv’s Extravagant Queer Anthem

Foxgluvv returns with her new single ‘Expensive’ and enlists help from her queer family of friends for her latest self-directed music video. Through tongue in cheek lyrics layered underneath a deadpan attitude, ‘Expensive’ is the anthem for wanting what you aren’t able to afford.

Imagining what life could be like with a little extra dough, Foxgluvv aspires to be ‘a high priced b*tch’ in her latest track and music video and dreams up a world where she can splash her non-existent cash without consequence. Blending the lyrics and aesthetics of modern left field pop
music with her love of the 80s, all things extravagant and camp, ‘Expensive’ continues to establish Foxgluvv’s unique place in pop music.

Foxgluvv on ‘Expensive’:
“I wrote ‘Expensive’ with my producer Scott Colcombe, as a way to vent the frustration of wanting to buy nice things and the harsh reality of being a musician in my 20’s and not being able to afford to live up to my expensive taste.”

Filmed in amongst the hidden gems at Rekindled Vintage in East London, the music video features Drag queen and in-video manager ‘Heiress Blackstone’. Foxgluvv has continued to be unapologetically queer and support inclusivity by using a production crew of all LGBT+ members to film her vision for ‘Expensive’.

Foxgluvv on the importance of queer representation in music:
“Making sure that queer voices are seen and heard is so important to me, I want to show not only my own truth but also other peoples, and that’s why I showcased LGBTQ+ talent in my video. I think it’s crucial for queer people to have good representation authored by members of their own communities, and not just the unauthentically told stories that we’ve been exposed to in the media our whole lives

Foxgluvv will be playing at the Strongroom, Shoreditch in support of Kate Lomas on the 6th February and will headline Notting Hill Arts Club on the 16th March. Get tickets here on DICE.


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