The Lust of Two Gay Lovers Expressed in a Fashion Film

‘Oh my GOD i hate you, BUT i love you!’ is a story about two gay lovers lusting over each other’s beauty while also showcasing their ups & downs throughout their relationship, which outsiders can’t seem to understand.

The two lovers run through Koreatown in Los Angeles to express their lusty ways and crazy love for one another. Dialló & Davonti can’t care less about who sees them being as free as they can be, because they shut out other’s judgments. We got the opportunity to speak with the model and creative director Diallo Mitch about their inspiration.

What inspired this series about two gay lovers?

I would have to say, me, myself & I inspired this series because it’s very RAW & ORIGINAL! It was all me! It was expressions from the heart! I have always wanted to create a photo series with a fashion film that showcases how it’s okay to truly be yourself in this corrupt society. I like to take risks within my art and be as expressive/transparent as possible because it inspires the people. It moves the people. A lot of people cannot come out and say that they inspire themselves because it might come off as not being humble, but I’d rather be honest!

A portrait of Davonti in a fashion film about two gay lovers

What message are you hoping to send out?

I’m hoping to send out a positive message with this series. I hope that people can feel the energy that’s being presented in the film and photos. There’s a lot of emotions in the fashion film that I know many people may be feeling during this time. I just hope it can inspire them in some way somehow!

Diallo and Davonti in a fashion film about two gay lovers

Do you feel that creating art can help the world heal at a time like this?

Most definitely. It heals me. I feel like that’s the only thing that can heal people right now. A lot of people are hurting tremendously and I feel that seeing some beautiful artwork from creatives of color would make them be at ease a little more. To speak for myself again, staying creative has been the only outlet I have to keep my sanity!

Diallo and Davonti in a fashion film about two gay lovers
A portrait of Diallo in a fashion film about two gay lovers

How have the current world events impacted on you as an artist?

At first, I’m like what the fuck am I going to do! Only because my profession requires me to be out & about, especially being on a set. After time has passed & we had no other choice but to live with these changes I started to develop a new found love for my art. I started working on at-home photo series & other projects that brought along more opportunities presented my way from my peers. I can only be thankful. I would have to say the impact has been bittersweet!

Diallo and Davonti in a fashion film about two gay lovers
Diallo and Davonti in a fashion film about two gay lovers


Creative Director: Dialló Mítch

Director/ DP: Chris Noltekuhlmann

Actors: Davonti & Dialló Mítch

Makeup Artist: Selena Ruiz

Wardrobe: IAMGIA by Designer Alana Pallister

1st AC: Florian Brandi

Edit & Sound-design: Chris Noltekuhlmann

Color Grading: Julia Rossett

Film Photographer: Eyenzsi Reneaux


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  1. This is beautiful! I just love seeing young Detroit Talent get the shine that they deserve and Dialló deserves the most!!

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