Magic of the Gender Spectrum in Planeta Peligro

Planeta Peligro (Danger Planet) serves as an alternate reality where people of all sides of the gender spectrum wear armor that molds to their most authentic selves, existing and recognizing their own divinity in designs by AfroMystik. Danger comes to any social norms placed on the wearer and anyone who tries to restrain this magic, because in handmade beaded sets they uncover the full potential of the wearer.

Afro Mystik’s goal is to make clothing or accessories for the body that make you feel powerful, and that any body standards and gender binary constraints become irrelevant because the clothes are meant for everyone. The gender spectrum is truly celebrated. You are the work of art yourself being part of the set, and not the other way around. 

The magic of the gender spectrum explored in this Puerto Rico fashion editorial.
Th gender spectrum explored in a fashion editorial.
Puerto Rican models featured in this fashion editorial.
Gender spectrum explored in this puerto rico fashion editorial.
Queer art and fashion editorial.
Model Samara Nieves for this fashion editorial.
Puerto Rico Fashion
Queer fashion and non binary fashion.
Queer non binary fashion in Puerto Rico fashion editorial.
Gender fluid fashion.


Designer: Lian Rivera @afromystik

Photography: Ana Teixeira @tayshayra

Models: Teresa Karo @teresa.karolina and Samara Nieves @samaranieves

Makeup: Teresa Karo and Samara Nieves

Hair: Ana Teixeira @tayshayra


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