The Gentler; Deconstructing and Examining Gender

‘The Gentler’ deconstructs and examines gender, toeing the divide of the gender binary. Photographer Georden West has regular artist collaborators Kendall Wilmot, Steven Luna, and Shaka Dendy model, pairing couture with ‘urban’ wear in a celebration of friendship, gender nonconformity, and imagining the incorporation of gentleness in a world moving away from archetypal ‘masculinity’.


Photographer: Georden West @geordenewest

Models: Kendall Wilmot @kndl_wlmt Steven Luna @steviecaptureslight Shaka Dendy @shakadendy

Stylist: Shaka Dendy @shakadendy

Hair: Po @po.ave

Assistant: Lukas Markou @lmarkou

Designers: Noah Pica @no___duhSkin + Bones @sonnyfeldBlack Picasso @blackpicasso101


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