Get Radical with LUPAE Feat. Martini Cherry

LUPAE makes colourful, feminine latex clothing in Berlin, Germany. The name LUPAE, a Latin word, translates to ‘she-wolves’, and was used colloquially to call women sluts. LUPAE re-appropriates this ancient word with the vision of a pack of modern, powerful femmes. She-wolf sluts who could eat you alive.

Born from the queer, sex-positive nights of Manchester and London; a dance floor of muses inspired LUPAE to look at a new, party-centric way to wear latex. The combination of tight and flowing latex against your skin as you move creates a sensual full body experience. LUPAE is made to make you feel sexy.

The visuals for the story were inspired by 80’s sci-fi VHS covers, where women are presented as powerful, larger than life, sexual beings (think Necropolis, Metalstorm, Roller Blade). Performer Martini Cherry is the muse that makes this vision come to life, who dominates any room, and sparks with feminine energy.

The theme of the story is the statement ‘GET RADICAL’. In a time where self-love and expression is still a radical notion, LUPAE says, fuck it, get radical, be yourself, love yourself, love others, and most importantly, enjoy yourself.



Photography: Yannick Lalardy @yannick829

Model: Martini Cherry @martini.cherryfurter

Designer: Lupae @lupae


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