Gypsy Sport 2020: Fearless Tropical Street Tribe

Gypsy Sport 2020: At 5pm on Monday, September 9th Rio Uribe’s distinctly tropical tribe of spring 2020 began slowly spilling out onto Canal Street. The group possessed an earthly yet alien-esque presence which became infectious to any passer-by who came in contact with the group. Dripping in animal prints, glittered body paint, bold tropical motifs and proudly exposed skin, the ensemble proudly marched the streets of lower Manhattan chanting, laughing & fearlessly posing for each other and the bevvy of pedestrians who immediately stopped to soak in their energy.

The destination was the rooftop of The Delancey where guests witnessed Rio Uribe’s vision for Gypsy Sport of a balmy vacation as the models walked the palm-lined runway to the sounds of Missy Elliott and Aaliyah. Each model embodied their looks in such a personal and liberated way it was both mesmerising and calming to witness; also, a great testament to Anthony Conti’s brilliant casting choices.

gypsy sport

The Spring 2020 collection reimagines classic Gypsy Sport silhouettes, the DIY streetwear aesthetic has been refreshed through a tropical colour palette made up of upcycled fabrications and embellishments, as Uribe boldly continues to push to promote sustainable fashion.

gypsy sport
gypsy sport

Review & photography by Alabama Blonde @alabamablonde


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