INTER-terrestrial Combines Emerging Geniuses With Underground Culture

Clothed Captions or CC_ is a clothing store and platform for underground and mainstream artist features that responds to the intrinsic natures of emerging geniuses of this time. The founders Malissa and Donni present their own unseen and sophisticated view of underground culture while selling carefully hand-picked pieces.

Malissa Wilkins, or Velvet @afrovelvet and Donnisha Hebert, or Donnie @unfazedbeauty also hand-pick all features and give each artist a week of promotion for upcoming music, shows, projects and as a general showcase of talent. Donni creates and executes all the make-up looks for the artists and is Asst. Creative Director to Velvet, who also shoots all photos and video for the brand in addition to doing set design, and styling each feature.
3lon (@_goths) is the artist shown, a vocalist and producer out of Baltimore, MD. Their music is ethereal, angelic, soulful, and techy – the epitome of future pop music. They can be found here:


Model: @_goths

Photographer: @afrovelvet

Stylist: @afrovelvet

Set Design: @afrovelvet

Creative Direction: @afrovelvet @unfazedbeauty

Make Up: @unfazedbeauty



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