Jezebel: Exploring the Gender Constructs Placed on Women

Jezebel is a photo series that explores women within the lens of society. It is a study of gender constructs and the countless responsibilities that women are born into and ultimately grow into. It aims to shed light on the unfair expectations assigned to women based on gender, while celebrating the innate or acquired traits that women have. This series in is honor of women and the countless ways that they uplift and improve society as a whole.

“Jezebel is inspired by the women in my life who empower and inspire me daily. I come from generations of powerful matriarchs who have paved ways and opened doors that enabled me to have the opportunities that I have today. This project is an ode to the women that love, support and motivate me.” – Anna Divinagracia, director and photographer.

The giver of life, or the mother as a female gender role.
Female gender constructs.

Model: Andrea Aguilo
Set Design: Anna Aguilo

The female gender construct role of daughter
"Jezebel" is study of gender constructs

Model: Sydney Gonsalves @hiimsydthekid
Styling: Sydney Gonsalves
Set Design: Anna Aguilo

"Jezebel" is study of gender constructs including the house wife.

Model: Asha Jamila Holmes @_ashajamila
Styling: Alicia Y. Miller @auntie_leesh
Lighting: Bnai Manderson

The image of a modern day women.
"Jezebel" is study of gender constructs including the modern woman.

Model: Bnai Manderson @themindofb_

The woman playing the role of the seducer.
"Jezebel" is study of female gender constructs and roles.

Model: Mistrix Sunmi @serve.sunmi
Set Design: Bnai Manderson

"Jezebel" is study of gender roles and stereotypes.
The sisters gender role.

Models: Briana Manderson @fluxtherenegade, Bianka Manderson @beautybybb_, Bnai Manderson @themindofb_

Stereotype of a woman as a lover
"Jezebel" is study of gender constructs.

Model: Lyla Addada Shlon @fruitleathershop
Set Design: Bnai Manderson

Movakween as the goddess role.
"Jezebel" is study of gender constructs, featuring the goddess role.

Model: Movakween
Make up: Bianka Manderson @beautybybb_
Hair: Daizy @daii.zyy
Styling: Kendall Kelly @kendallkellyinc
Nails: Asa Cure @iamcuretnails


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