‘Let’s Get Naked’ Explores an Unfiltered Side of Intimacy & Sexuality

Comprising of photographic diary images, Let’s Get Naked is compiled by photographer Michael Savage and offers an unfiltered portrait of intimacy and sexuality. In displacing the personal images from Michael and his girlfriend, Alexandra’s, private sphere, the book addresses and challenges analogous conventions of pornographic visual language and consumption.

“My photographic inspiration comes from personal lived experience, especially life’s more intimate moments – I feel compelled to photograph physically and emotionally charged states of interaction, knowing the content and context of the photographs are mutually bound.

The project’s title comes directly from the Valentine’s Day card Alexandra gave me, but it is also a common phrase between us when heading out to shoot other projects where nudity is a central focus.

My intention behind showing the images in book form was to fix the focus on a broader spectrum of our intimacy rather than its development, avoiding a chronological sequence or edit. While I want to promote bodily liberation and a lack of inhibition, I’m also intrigued in walking the line between the erotic and the vulgar.

Moreover, I want to be honest in my representation of our experiences; asking Alex to include some of her polaroids helps broaden the vocabulary within which the images can be discussed, whilst the poem that closes the book offers a sentimental balance to its visual aspects.”

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Let’s Get Naked on BigCartel: http://www.michaelsavage.bigcartel.com/product/let-s-get-naked

Words & photography by Michael Savage.


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