Queer Goddess Lexi Laphor Shines as Queen of the Galaxy

Absolute babe and alternative muse Lexi Laphor @femmeasfuck inspires the cyber masses through more than just her signature vibrant green locks (although recently turned blonde) and chameleon style. Not just a one-trick pony, Lexi describes herself as ‘Queer. Femme. Slut. Feminist. Pro Choice. Pro Sex Work. Witch. Romantic. Polyamorous. Sassy. Virgo.’ An umbrella of terms that only just begin to scratch the surface of this impressive artist’s repertoire.

Lexi Laphor Queen of the Galaxy
Lexi Laphor Queen of the Galaxy

Being part of the new wave queer porn scene this cyber-mermaid has become an advocate for the pro-slut movement. A force not to be reckoned with, she previously won a feminist porn award for her work with Zahra Stardust, in a film shot by Anna Brownfield. Speaking openly against harassment and discrimination, Lexi has created an online safe space for encouraging freedom of sexuality and feminine equality. She confidently embraces her own femininity, is all about body positivity and basically has a low tolerance, gives no f**ks attitude for ignorance. And we love her for it. In this feature ‘Queen of the Galaxy’ editorial we bring forth Lexi’s powerful womanly presence and reveal just how femme as f**k she really is.


Photographers: Jesse Mullins & Nadia Rebello

Model: Lexi Laphor

Make-up Artists: Shannon Key & Lydia Reid 

Hair-stylist: Nikki De Lima

Stylist: Seymour Tancred 

Art Direction & text: Sara Nicolette

Key pieces from Laurel & Hector and Zoo Vintage Emporium.

Lexi Laphor Queen of the Galaxy
Lexi Laphor Queen of the Galaxy

Check out more of Lexi on instagram @femmeasfuck and tumblr femmeasfuck.tumblr.com


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