Light of Heavy: A Future Impacted by Climate Change

Light of Heavy is photographer Lucy Alcorn’s response to a future impacted by climate change. The editorial “explores the way we are all entangled and intertwined in this issue, with our feelings ranging from apathy and loss to total rejection of the situation. LED lights and electrical cords visually transport us into the future, with glowing colours glacially melting into each other like coloured heat maps or energy fields. Forms merge into one tangled mess, representing both support and dependence. Sunglasses and hands shield our eyes from reality, blinding us from the truth. As millennials, we feel powerless and dejected when facing the realities of global warming…we are in the dark, trying to figure out how to make light of our future.”

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Photographer: Lucy Alcorn @lucy_alcorn


Bailee-Rose @bailee.rosee

Nakayn @nottyrabanks

Cassius @climacophilia


Hair & Make-up: Natasha Warren @natasha_warrenhmu

Clothing: Alabama Blonde @alabamablonde

Studio: Eleven40 @eleven40


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