Lo-Fi Explores the Intersection Between Queer and Punk Culture

Sex worker, pornography actress, illustrator and photographer; as far as young eccentrics go, Cass Lee is the epitome. The 23 year old creative from Melbourne, lives and breathes a makeshift modern lifestyle and captures that essence in her latest photo series ‘Lo-Fi’.

Featuring designs by Namilia, Anna Sui and Fashion Chelsea, the shoot was rendered by an intersection between punk and queer culture. Portrait subjects include models Joe and the seemingly immortal Mereani who, a few days before, was hit by a truck whilst riding her bike and managed to escape with just a black eye… and fractured spine.

Cass LeeCass Lee


Photographer + Stylist: Cass Lee @dj_upskirt

Fashion: Fashion Chelsea @fashionchelsea, Namilia @_namilia_, Anna Sui @annasui

Models: Joe @joesph.d.m + Mereani @_lifetoy

Text by Chelsea Hickman


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