Lordele: Sustainability and Non-Binary Fashion

Models lounge freely in high heels and loose coats, blending naturally into the piles of plastic and crates of glass bottles. Bright reds and yellows are the motifs of Lordele’s third collection, and the speckles of colors decorate the model’s bodies as shoes, skirts, leggings and hats. The recycling plant is simultaneously structured and chaotic, and allude to designer Nay Campbell’s focus on sustainability and non-binary fashion.


The New York artist creates work that is inclusive and expressive of the rich queer culture and the kids of the underground. Campbell believes it is these dynamic styles and characters which have always been at the forefront of American progress, pushing for inclusivity and diversity and forging the way for the next generation. After shooting Lordele’s 3rd runway presentation; Hatnim Lee chats with Campbell about the inspiration behind the collection.


If you could describe your brand in three words, what would they be?

Chic! Chic! Chic!


Why did you choose to show your SS19 collection at a recycling center?

To promote sustainability and to highlight the fact that no matter who you are, all our trash ends up in the same place.


Your new collection is called ‘Beyond the Valley’. What is the meaning behind that name?

Beyond the valley, beyond the riches and fame prompted by American culture, there is something ugly.


Your label has been described as queer-friendly and gender neutral. The fashion world seems to be going through this resurgence. Why do you think this is happening now and what is it’s significance to society?

I think queer GNC POC have been setting cultural standards forever, I think one good thing the internet has done is just highlight that and created a little bit more transparency.


Tell us how you got into fashion design?

I’ve been studying since I was a kid, my career in fashion has been somewhat of a natural progression.


If you could live anywhere else but NYC, where would you be?



What was the last book you read?

Clockwork Orange.




Nay CampbellLordele@naycampbellx

Photographer / Interview By

Hatnim Lee @hatnminlee


Forward: Taylor Kim

Styling: Kristi Kruser: @kruserkristi

Hair: Evanie Frausto: @evaniefrausto


Annabelle @agw111

Brandy Alexander @kenzohoe

Cory @corywalkers

Kris @titesqueez

Matia @gerlprops

Miles @miles.beguiles

Sage @msagek

Darren @darething

Julian Ruiz @julian.ruiz

Julian @collapsingnewjulian


Tatiana @c0mingforyourlife


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