Love Me Loco: Redefining the Femme Fatale

She’ll lust you, love you and leave you…with a broken heart and tortured soul. This wild temptress knows your darkest desires and dirtiest dreams and she’s not afraid to use them to get what she wants. Featuring artist Love Lee Bailey Savage @loveisbailey, ‘Love Me Loco’ is a celebration of the Medusa within us all, redefining the outdated definition of the gender-conforming femme fatale, to one who is expressive, unafraid, and all-inclusive. The editorial showcases an array of talented Melbourne-based designers, including Lucy Dickinson @makemeloco, whose incredible handstitched and painted pieces fiercely encourage individuality and an unapologetic expression of one’s self.

Bailey has also just released her music video for “Hollywood Hooker”, a visually addictive and lyrically compelling song. “Slather it up!” below:



Photographers: Gustavo Oliver @g.0liver and TheyShootThem @theyshootthem

Models: Love Lee Bailey Savage @loveisbailey, Julio Marcelino @juliobyme, Jon Vaz Gar @jonvazgar

Hair: Calvin Chan @pinkslutskill

Stylist: Vy Nguyen @ynvynyty

Clothing: Lucy Dickinson @makemeloco, Stephanie Schafer @stephaniesschafer


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