Jasman Dreamer; Love Thyself, Judgement Free

Spreading good vibes and radiant energy is something that Jasman Dreamer does with ease. With her progressive, forward-thinking attitude towards sex and the human body she has built up a large social media following that tracks her wild, global movements. Far more than just an instababe, but a real life infectious bundle of positivity whose carefree attitude is inspiring the masses, and reminding each of one us to love ourselves, judgement free.

With such a large following do you ever feel pressure to post, or to stick to a certain theme for content?

At times, I do feel like there is a definite expectation for me to consistently share content within the aesthetic that I identify with, but that is not my reason for continuing to do so. I think there is almost an unspoken pressure for anyone with a large following to maintain their collection of content and the interest of their followers, but taking a little step back I always realise that the only serious pressure I experience is all that I put on myself. The intention behind my posts has certainly evolved and deepened over time, but it has always been about having fun and serving as a means of authentic self expression.

Jasman Dreamer shot by Joshua Bentley

Would you say that social media has given you the opportunity to explore your own self confidence and body love?

It certainly has. Primarily on account of the fact that I came from an extremely repressed and conservative background, I was never taught to love myself, to appreciate my body or to have any sense of confidence in who I am. It was oddly, quite discouraged, and it wasn’t until reaching around 20 years old that I finally started to realise my true self worth and the overlooked beauty I contained within myself. My style had always been the most obvious factor that set me apart from other people, and I had been to a degree, persecuted for it, especially by my family, peers and community in which I lived.

When I started sharing it online, there was quite an overwhelmingly positive response. I discovered, that the attributes which had me considered ‘weird’ in my immediate world, were embraced as interesting and different in the online realm. I experimented with looks which made me feel sexy, and it was a thrillingly unfamiliar sensation, which quickly became addictive. Dressing up in my room at my parents house, at a very dark time in my life, I explored the notion of self love and respect. I wasn’t doing it to appeal to anyone but myself, but I did post pictures online, and at the same time, the encouragement I received really helped to affirm an unyielding sense of confidence.

Since I have lived out of home, I have been able to indulge in my love for a nudist lifestyle. I feel like that has really impacted my attitude towards self/body love, by normalising and de sexualising my view of nudity, to embrace myself through all states of being. I believe this has strongly translated through the way I express myself online.

 Jasman Dreamer shot by Joshua Bentley

The concept of online identity versus real life is a fascinating one. How does your ‘irl’ identity vary from your online/social media persona?

I agree, it is indeed a fascinating comparison! I’ve met so many people and friends that I’ve known first online and then meet in person, and most commonly discover there is little visual difference from what I see online to IRL. I am often amazed at all of the attributes of that person I hadn’t seen or known from online, be it their humour, circumstances or character- everyone is full of surprises. I like to think I am the same in that regard. While it can be difficult to express personality and know what someone is about by just seeing them on the internet, I am very transparent in my beliefs and uncompromising attitudes toward style, sexuality and life in general.

These are principles I uphold in all aspects of my life, however, I am frequently told, that I am much nicer in person, than people expect me to be from only watching me online. Of course, everyone is curating the image they want the world to see, and when I do so, I try to ensure it is the truest depiction of me, but people will always have their own perception of this. While some people feel inclined to filter out parts of their life they feel may be inappropriate to share with the world, I feel more able to be open and unrestricted in many- but not all facets of what I share.

In person, I am often quiet around people I am not comfortable with, and am very self aware in social situations. I want everyone to feel good all the time, and on account of that, I have struggled to stand up for myself in times when I need to. I am constantly learning and growing, despite some people thinking that I have ‘everything all figured out’. I’m actually a lot wilder and more rebellious at heart than I reveal to most people URL or IRL. I’m no role model but I also don’t want to be a “bad” influence for impressionable young girls who may observe me. I have had to remind my followers on some of my social media platforms, that they do not know me personally, from just watching me. There is always so much more going on in a person’s life and mind, than they will feel comfortable sharing, and I think it’s important to always respect that.

Jasman Dreamer shot by Joshua Bentley

How do you deal with online trolls and negative comments?

It’s no longer an issue I feel like I have to ‘deal’ with, because it is so far from affecting me or having any degree of impact on my life. When I first started sharing online, there was a very different attitude towards nudity and ideas of female empowerment as there is now. People were shocked, disgusted to see me exhibiting myself as I was, because it was so unlike what they were used to seeing. They didn’t understand, so they resented me for it, and it didn’t take me long to grasp that, in order to build an impenetrable shield to it.

I realise that their hate comes from a place of ignorance, and while it’s annoying to receive comments and messages like “whore” or “tranny” or messages telling me to find God and have some self respect, I honestly pity these people who are so close minded in their views of what a woman should be, that they feel the need to attack individuals who don’t meet their uninformed ideals of what is “acceptable”. I can’t imagine how attempting to bring someone down would make anyone feel better.

Jasman Dreamer shot by Joshua Bentley

One of the only real outcomes of all the hate has been the removal of my social media platforms. On account of reports received, my Instagram account has been deleted over 6 times in the last 12 months, which they claimed was due to nudity. However, it has been reactivated each time. Last week, my snapchat account was permanently deleted, also due to reports from haters. On there, I didn’t even really push the boundaries of what they allow, I used it more as a personal diary for my every day life for the past two years. It blows my mind how that evoked such a response, that someone would feel so inclined to take such measures…when they have complete freedom to simply not watch! So, I guess, the answer is simply to see the hate if for what it is, and not to take any of it to heart.

Jasman Dreamer shot by Joshua Bentley

Would you consider yourself to be a role model and/or feminist?

To be honest, I find that to be totally open to interpretation by my followers, but I would not consider myself a ‘role model’, nor have I ever wanted or intended to be one. In passing or through messages, I’ve come to understand that some people may look up to me as a source of positivity, or on the other hand perceive me as some kind of devil succubus. I accept that not everyone will like me, or some people will relate to me, and see reason to appreciate me. It’s wonderful how much people’s opinions and perspectives vary.

I can unquestionably identify as a feminist. I believe all people are equal and entitled to the same human rights, regardless of any gender/race/sexuality factors. It baffles me how modern society can still overlook this obvious principle and in so many cases, continue to function in opposition of it. I feel particularly strongly on all social justice matters relating to feminism and hope to assist in establishing positive change.

Jasman Dreamer shot by Joshua Bentley

Tell us about the book that you are currently working on, ‘Assthetic’

Wow, I haven’t yet talked publicly about this project but I am so excited to be able to! It started out over three years ago, with the realisation that I had a significant collection of photos, specifically exhibiting my butt, in a variety of fascinating settings and very distinguishably styled, embodying the  ‘internet aesthetic’ I had become so deeply infatuated with. It occurred to me, to create a tangible medium of exhibiting these photos, while also building the quantity of my content over time. I have always loved literature and romanticised the idea of creating my own books, so my preferred medium was obvious. I was initially hesitant to entertain the idea any further, on account of the inevitable criticisms and issues in my personal life it may create, but it didn’t take long for me to decide, ‘Fuck it, nothing is going to stop me’.

Jasman Dreamer shot by Joshua Bentley

I know it sounds conceited, but the concept really isn’t as focused on me as it seems. My face is not shown in any of the photos, and my message is purely non sexual. I hope to convey a message of embracing the normalisation of the naked female form, whilst celebrating it at the same time. I want it to be open to individual interpretation but also, to present the beauty I see in that body part, whilst employing an artistic and humorous approach. I’ve taken my project on my travels with me, and friends from all over the world have become contributors by taking pictures for me in public and private settings. It was never just a photo though, it was a memorable and meaningful experience we shared together, whilst they became a part of my vision.

Jasman Dreamer shot by Joshua Bentley

Every picture has a story and context to it, not immediately apparent, but I have included my own diary style writing to bring my audience to that moment. I have been very insistent on self publishing independently, despite the countless recommendations that production could be so much simpler with the assistance of a publisher. Despite the challenges I continue to encounter in my production process, having no experience in self publishing before, I am determined to complete the project myself and have personal control over the sales. The date for release has been moved forward, but I am not travelling again until it is complete.

Jasman Dreamer shot by Joshua Bentley Jasman Dreamer shot by Joshua Bentley

What’s your secret talent?

I can make some pretty amazing weed edibles! I like to think that I’ve almost mastered the art – it took serious practice to crack it! And I don’t just limit myself to brownies, no sir! My all time favourite has been THC salted caramel popcorn, which I highly recommended trying 🙂 Writing has always been a passion which I have shared with very few people. It always becomes too emotive and personal, but one day I might just write a very revealing memoir! Another is a certain kind of power over men, but that is going to stay a secret!! 😉

 Jasman Dreamer shot by Joshua Bentley
Jasman Dreamer shot by Joshua Bentley


Photography: Joshua Bentley @jbjbj_

Model: Jasman Dreamer @jasmandreamer

Make-Up: Nafisah Alkatiri @n_alkatiri

Styling/Creative Direction & Interview: Sara Nicolette @nomorewirehangers

Florist: Yvette Bishop @riverwolfxo

Clothing: Vintage pieces, plus items from Happy Monday, Honey Birdette and Teale Coco.


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