L’un et L’autre (The One & The Other): A Search For Identity

“L’un et L’autre” (The One & The Other) takes us on a wondrous journey of self-exploration. Sailing deep into forgotten emotions, in search for identity. 

A collaboration project between Diana Law Printed Accessories and h7o7Films, the film examines one’s true self against public opinion and the pressure to conform to society’s rigid guidelines of gender and sexuality.  An androgynous talent, Alex Wetter, was specifically cast for the role as the joining team hopes to emphasize the preciousness of oneself, regardless of sex or appearance.


Design pieces dazzle under the hands of film director Hadi Moussally from h7o7Films. Nostalgic scenes from once upon a time recaptured with a modern twist, on the original poem by Amanda Chaccour and sound design by Ø7 and set in the chic hotel BRACH in Paris.


Film by Hadi Moussally @HadiMoussally

Produced by h7o7Films @h7o7Films

Starring Alex Wetter @Alexandre.Wetter

Featuring Diana Law Printed Accessories, Identity collection

Original Poetry: Amanda Chaccour

Translated to English : Sara El-Amine, PHD

DOP & Post-Production : Olivier Pagny @OlivierPagny

Makeup & Hair: Roberto Mambretti @robmambretti

Stylist: Diana Law @DianaLawPrintedAccessories

Sound Design: Ø7 @o7_music

Voice Recording: Steven Guyot – Mojo Risin @mojorisinparis

Location: Hotel Brach Paris  @BrachParis


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