Meet Mac Glitzy: Queer Trap Artist

Redefining the gender-conforming boundaries of emo & trap music, Mac Glitzy is making waves. The LA-based artist has already built up a dedicated fan base thanks to their unique spin on punk & trap vocals and their voice for the LGBTQ+ community. We briefly caught up with Mac Glitzy in light of the release of their latest video for “Teach You Right”.

What inspires you as an artist?

I’m inspired by the gothic, punk, and emo subcultures. I go to a lot of underground queer parties and events in LA so the outfits and atmosphere are always very cutting edge.  

How did you discover your sound?

I wanted to make emo/trap music but I can’t rap so I was like I will just sing over a metal/trap type beat to make it have a more pop sound, so I guess I do trap/pop? I love using real rock guitars but putting a trap high hat over it!

Tell us about your song “Teach You Right” and what influenced the creative direction for the video.

“Teach You Right” is about showing someone what’s up! It’s supposed to be sexy but aggressive at the same time. The video is inspired by a lot of what I see in the underground club scene, which is queer culture, bleeding into emo goth culture. Currently the two scenes co-exist in the clubs together and are very welcoming and open-minded, even though our outward appearance may look a little extreme at times. In the video I wanted to get my ass kicked because a lot of times in life I feel that even though I am not the strongest or toughest, I have a ton of will power to keep on fighting in life for something I really believe in. 

What artists would you be interested in collaborating with?

I really look up to the big emo trappers who blew up off on Soundcloud like Lil Aaron & Smrtdeath. I think they are really good writers and have respect for them as total OG’s in this eboy/egirl scene that is beginning to take on mainstream exposure. 

Your IG bio states “Hollywood Trash”. What does this mean to you?

I live in Hollywood, and it is NOT glamorous at all haha, it’s really gritty mixes of sparkly stuff with straight-up garbage. That’s what I like to do with my lyrics & appearance though mix the glam with the grunge! So yeah, I always refer to myself as “Hollywood Trash” because it’s a total satire of what people envision “Hollywood” as. 

What’s next for Mac Glitzy?

Next I’ll be starting to play live shows in line ups around the US with other emo/trap artists. I have an EP called “Wires & Fences” that I plan on releasing in 2020, and hope to continue inspiring and supporting LGBTQ youth. 

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