Membrana: Encouraging New Perspectives on Body and Gender

MEMBRANA is an independent fashion brand based in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Their work focuses on rebuilding clothes and shifting pieces from their usual backgrounds.

In this editorial MEMBRANA presents the brand’s visual identity very directly, approaching issues that they have been discussing in their work for a while. Through photography they present an aesthetic proposition that makes a reflection about the concept of image itself, and encourages new perspectives regarding body, gender, and the places in which these ideas occupy.



Director: Rafael Cavalcanti @rafuwc

Digital Photography: Sofia Leão @sofleao

Analogic Photography: Filipe Braga

Styling: Isac Leite and Katriel Monte @isacisac and @katrieliii

Beauty: Camila Coutinho @__lilax

Models: Aren @ame.aren, Nathalia Carvalho @nathecarvalho, Lua Guerreiro @afroamericanime, Yuji Romar @rainbowarriorrr

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