Mented Cosmetics Is the WOC Beauty Standard

Mented Cosmetics is one of the top upscale beauty brands for women of color, and for good reason. If you look at any list of Black-owned beauty companies, you will most definitely see their name.

The focus of Mented Cosmetics is to create subtle and natural makeup looks for women of color by offering a variety of shades for every complexion. Mented is filling the void for beauty products that cater to medium and darker skin tones, and in a time when representation matters more than ever, they are truly hitting the mark as the standard for beauty created for women of color.

Is Mented Cosmetics Black Owned?

Mented Cosmetics –  which is also short for pigmented – was birthed out of a casual conversation between two friends, creators KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson, who talked about finding the perfect natural and nude lipstick that would match their complexions. The future Mented Cosmetics founders realized that a nude lipstick did not exist that was suitable for their deeper skin tones, and this led them to create their own cosmetics line. 

Amanda E. Johnson and KJ Miller. C/O Mented Cosmetics.

Their goal was to develop a makeup collection that would have great products and pigmented colors, while fitting the unique needs of women of color. The other main objective for Mented is its commitment to making women of color the priority, instead of an afterthought in the beauty community, while also giving women the representation that they need.

The Mented Cosmetics founders established 5 promises they have made to their customers to specify an ongoing commitment to their clientele, which include:

1. To always put WOC first

2. To provide amazing customer service

3. To be real and honest

4. To fix actual problems

5. Treat customers like they would treat themselves

Mented Cosmetics Products

Their product line has a lot of depth, ranging from foundation all the way to nails. Here are the highlights of some of Mented’s top sellers:

SKIN Foundation

Skin by Mented, is created to be just that. With 16 shades to choose from, you can find your perfect foundation that blends in with your skin tone. Designed with a hydrating and lightweight formula, it goes on smooth and gives you buildable coverage with a natural finish. And if you’re not sure which color is your perfect pairing; you can utilize the sites shade finder to help you find your total color match!

Red Matte Lip

The Red Matte Lip solves the problem of finding the right red shade for your skin tone. How? Because it was developed with women of color in mind. Using a mixture of brown and red tones, it complements darker skin and does not clash on them like more traditional red lipsticks on the market. It also goes on smoothly and gives what is described as a velvety matte finish. It comes in 3 shades: Red & Butter, Red Carpet and Red Rover, and each lipstick helpfully advises which undertones are best suited for their color.

High Brow Pencil

We all know that having the perfect brow is essential to any makeup look, and that is where the high brow pencil comes in. It offers great definition with its precision tip and promises to last for 10 plus hours. Check out the handy guide on the website that helps you figure out your ideal brow shape and application, based on the shape of your face.

Everyday Eyeshadow Palette

Mented cosmetics everyday eyeshadow palette

This palette was designed to be a go-to staple in your makeup collection. It’ It’s filled with 9 neutral shades that can easily be mixed and match for day and night. The colors are in the range of golden, peach, browns and berry hues that were designed to complement pigmented skin. The packaging is stylish and slim, which makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.

Sunkissed Bronzer Collection

The company has continued expanding its product line by offering their new, Sunkissed Bronzer collection. They give the deepness you want from your bronzer while still being subtle enough for everyday wear. The bronzers are offered in 4 very pigmented shades that complement a wide range of complexions, giving the skin a beachy glow, and are easily blended, for an effortless application.

Matte Lipsticks

Last, but certainly not least is the product that started it all – the Matte Lipstick collection. These lipsticks were specifically created to give women of color more options for neutral shades, that match their individual skin tone. The lipsticks have a velvety matte finish and give a delicate pop of color that is perfect for everyday wearability. Their shade finder also aids customers in finding which hue will work best for them.

Mented cosmetics matte lipstick range.

Mented Cosmetics has a passion for the products and brand they have created, and that passion extends deeper than just a focus on product quality and customer service. It is derived from the creators’ own stories and experiences as women of color, and is a commitment to their community to elevate women of color in the beauty industry and in their everyday lives.

Written by Taihjma Harris


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