‘Milk’ is Exploring the Subcultures Present in Orlando, Florida

Thomas Ahny Von is a fashion and lifestyle photographer based in Orlando, Florida. His series ‘Milk’ is named after the notorious ‘Milk District’ in Orlando Florida; a stretch of bars, restaurants and hangouts that many Orlando deviants call home. Florida is a place famous for its amusement parks, retirement communities and various beaches. Because of this, the general culture of Florida and Orlando specifically, is one of family fun, relaxation and tourism. Thomas’s work explores the strong punk, hipster and LGBTQIA+ communities that exist as one collaborative scene, and harbor a vast appreciation of art, music and a bohemian sense of freedom.

Thomas’s work focuses on showcasing his perspective on the Orlando and Floridan subcultures that are often overshadowed by amusement parks, shopping centers and tourist attractions. Thomas explains how he “believes that every place had something really special lying just beneath the surface if you were to just pull back the first layer. By using my photography, I enjoy showing my interpretation on what is underneath the layers of our beautiful city and its diverse and artistic individuals that inhabit that subculture.”



Photography: Thomas Ahny Von @thomasahnyvon


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