Momotaro Apotheca is Redefining the Sexual Health Care Game

Momotaro Apotheca is changing the way we talk about sex. Founder Lindsay Wynn created a pH balanced vaginal care brand that is redefining sexual health care and sex education to remove stigma and challenge the patriarchy.

Momotaro was birthed from personal experiences and aims to safely support the vagina’s natural ability to relieve symptoms associated with uncomfortable and unexpected issues like infection and itching stemming from yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, pH imbalance, and general irritation from sex, clothing, and exercise — without disturbing friendly bacteria. I had the pleasure of chatting with Lindsay, discovering how Momotaro came to be and how to best implement it into your daily life.

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What inspired the brand?

About two years ago, I found myself looking back on a decade of work in the commercial beauty world as a photographer feeling pretty unfulfilled. At the same time, I was experiencing new issues with conditions such as UTI’s, yeast infections, and bacterial vaginosis after some other health complications. 

After a few months, I grew exceedingly exhausted with the lack of natural, organic, and inclusive products in the “feminine care” industry. My partner and I knew that we could create more effective products that could address the symptoms as well as the stigma associated with the antiquated “feminine care” world. Not only was I looking for products that could help the very common issues I was experiencing, but we were inspired to create a brand that felt included all people and identities. It is important to us to level the playing field and make sure sex education, care, and conversations are non-gendered, stigma’d, or even associated with the oppressive ideologies people place on sex, gender, and bodies. 

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How did Momotaro Apotheca get its start?

Out of our kitchen in Portland, OR. We truly needed to “cook up” a better solution than I had access to and used our personal and professional resources to come together for our first and best-selling product. The Salve

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Inclusivity and body positivity is important to Momotaro. Can you share how this is by design and how you feel it helps push self-care culture forward?

We never set out to have a body-positive hashtag or movement (if you will) attached to our brand. I feel like the aesthetics came from a lot of my personal work and desire to photograph people that were real, that had stories and that I connected to. What we see in the media and on brand is more often a highly edited, polished, and unrealistic portrayal of our physical selves. Furthermore social media and the constant sharing of our lives have created an aesthetic and desire to share aspirational living. I think aspirational living should be real, honest, empathetic. 

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Can you highlight some products best practices or use tips.

Vaginal and sexual wellness is not one size fits all. Our products were made specifically to enjoy and self soothe in a myriad of ways – of course with efficacious ingredients – and to also address the symptoms of bacterial and fungal infections and general irritation from sex, clothing, exercise, etc. These products can be used on the vulva, anus, penis, etc. Anywhere that needs a little extra love. (Hello chafing from fall jeans). 

In general, though I think it’s important people take note on what works for them. I use the salve every day pretty much, any time I feel irritation, after working out, having sex, and I bike a lot. I apply all over my vulva and the base of my vagina. The tonic is more of a bath time product for me, I squeeze a few droppers full into my bath in place of soap or bubble bath. I also LOVE this product after a wax or shaving, anywhere that gets razor bumps, or ingrowns. The hydrosol is meant to be sprayed everywhere, this is always a gym, shower, travel essential to spray on my full body, face, torso pelvic region when I don’t have time for a shower. It always leaves me feeling super refreshed.

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