“When Mother Says No”: Goth Aesthetic Defying Conventional Suburbia

“When Mother Says No” is shot by Boston based fashion photographer Adam Ward, and explores the controversial presence of a Goth aesthetic in a typically suburban town. Adam explains how “growing up in a conservative suburb in Virginia, being yourself wasn’t always welcomed with open arms. One of my closest childhood friends and the model in this shoot, Morgan Scott, struggled with this societal friction. Obsessing over the bizarre, dark, and creepy, Morgan’s take on the modern, fashionable goth aesthetic hasn’t always been viewed in the best light by everyone, including her family. Every time her family told her to not get another piercing or another choker, she did anyway in a brave effort to pursue her truest form. This shoot embodies Morgan’s bravery and creativity in the pursuit of her dream, to be nothing but herself, regardless of what the world around her says.”gothgothgothgothgothgothgothgothgothgothgothCredits

Photographer: Adam Ward @adamwxrd

Model/Beauty/Styling: Morgan Scott @monstrousmorgue


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