Nathan x Thomas Jewellery Explores Empowerment in ‘Icon’

Inspired by the youth culture and grimy city streets of Berlin, jewellery designer and photographer Nathan Thomas showed us some pieces from his latest collection ‘Icon’ by taking us for a walk around the area his studio is based in, Kreuzberg.
'Icon' by Nathan Thomas
‘Icon’ by Nathan Thomas
The shoot was relaxed and absent of make up as Nathan wanted to present the pieces in a natural setting, not being overly stylised or manufactured. The collection ‘Icons’ presents symbols of empowerment for the wearer;  the upside down cross is a ‘fuck you’ to conservative viewpoints, the ‘x’ is a running theme that embodies the idea of self expression and exploration. The sun and eye are symbolic of awareness, and the darkness that is embraced by youth in Berlin’s established alternative nightlife.
'Icon' by Nathan Thomas
‘Icon’ by Nathan Thomas
Nathan is originally from Sydney but relocated to Berlin in 2016 to establish a studio space at the designer run atelier AA Collected @aacollected. You can find his work online at



Jewellery and photography: Nathan Thomas @nathanxthomas 


Styling: AA Collected @aacollected 



Model: Courtney Maura @courtneymaura

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  1. It’s refreshing to see photos of models au naturel and in everyday natural life settings. Always love the subjects of your articles Subvrtmag.

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