Neon Demon: A Tribe of Gender Fluid Misfits

In a society where being different is not acceptable, where labels are speaking for us before US, where the media is forcing us to settle with the same image as replicants…we are creating our own tribe of demons.

What is trash for you, is high fashion for us. What is ugly for you, is beautiful for us.
We don’t settle with gender labels.
We don’t settle with society’s standards.
We are claiming freedom, showing you a new point of view in fashion and art.
We create, design, we use poor material and recycle sources, we perform in in the streets, we make music free for everyone.
We don’t care about people’s opinions, we stand out.
Either you love us, or you hate us.



Photographer: Philippa Velhinho @the_zengineer

Creative director: Fran Marconi @xtheblackflamingox

Stylist: Fran Marconi and Metaraph


Nacho @sn4k3b0y
Raf @Metaraph_
Fran @theivokediary

Wardrobe Credits

Raf is wearing:
Illaria Lepore vinyl trench coat and trousers.
Metaraph Creations mask and septum.
Shoes and jewellery from the stylist’s archive.

Nacho is wearing:
Bomber jacket, t-shirt and trousers from the stylist’s archive.
Everlast socks, custom Swarovski TN Nike.

Fran is wearing:
Black Level PVC top.
H&M oversized PVC bomber jackeT.
Custom clear PVC trousers, model’s own custom latex eye patch.
Slit track pants, PVC shoes from the stylist’s archive.


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