In Netti We Trust: Supporting Female Artists in the Alt Scene

Underground artist Netti is just a small handful of ragecore and trapmetal performers in Melbourne. Her interactive, high energy performances will immediately transport you into another world. Netti discusses her music background and the importance of supporting female artists in a male-dominated industry.

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How would you describe your performances?  

High energy. Anyone who’s been to one of my performances knows that I put every ounce of my energy into them, the audience feeds off energy, when I look around I see everyone losing themselves in chaos. I treat my sets as a non-judgemental place and a way people can let go and lose themselves freely and physically. If I can at least let someone escape their reality for the duration of my performances I want my audience to take something away.

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3 words that perfectly summarise your music?


How long have you been making and performing music? 

I grew up around music, it was always a big part of my life growing up. I’d say I chose to take part in this seriously about a year or so ago now. Everything before that was hobbying and not really taking it seriously, or seeing how much of an impact I could make. For once I’ve found a genre that allows me to show the most honest side of myself. Netti is the most brutally honest part of myself I kept hidden for a long time, and it’s fucking amazing to be able to express myself fully and freely.

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Who influences you as an artist?

I draw inspiration from films, I’ve been obsessed with horror/thriller films forever. I grew up listening to bands like Linkin Park, Bring Me The Horizon, Korn.  I really dig Deftones, Architects, August Burns Red, Northland, Void Of Vision, Sephultura. I grew up listening to a lot of different genres from jazz/70s funk to old school hip-hop, reggae etc.

Who’s your dream collab with?  

I’d love collaborate with a band, that would be rad, such as GhostemaneScarlxrd, Suicideboys, man there’s so many people I would love to work with.

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How important is it as a female POC to be represented in music?

Well…in the underground scene, it’s extremely RARE and unexpected. Being a female of colour to make the type of music I make is RARE, as it is a very male dominated scene. It is important to give not only women of colour but ALL women a fair platform to be taken seriously in the scene.

How did you start making music? Did you find it hard?

I grew up playing the piano, classical, jazz and contemporary, and then I began hanging out with different crowds toward the end of high school who introduced me to different music. I knew I wanted to do it (make music), I just didn’t know when I would, but I guess we’re here now (Haha). I found it hard finding a genre I was completely comfortable doing, there was a lot of experimentation and learning what I actually wanted.

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Do you feel a lack of support in your industry as a female artist?

I definitely feel like not a lot of males take me seriously in the underground scene. As a female it’s a completely different world with a whole set of other things to take into consideration, my support comes from around the world, they show me a lot of love, there are others that hate me A LOT ( but that’s another story). I focus on those that want to see me grow and challenge myself/move forward, that keeps me motivated.

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Your music is fucking sick! Where can people buy or listen to your music?

Thankyou <3 You can find my music on Soundcloud, Youtube and Instagram @whoisnetti. I will be on Spotify soon!!

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As a musician are there any weird stories you can share about your performances?

I once spat water in this guy’s mouth during my set. After my set I was approached by his girlfriend (who I didn’t know existed) and she wasn’t too thrilled about it haha.. I do get a lot of weird/creepy shit on Instagram tho 😛

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What do you want your audience to know about you?  


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Where can people follow you?

Soundcloud, @whoisnetti, and Youtube

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Photography: Timothy T @timotitreasure

Stylist: Bronny Gardiner @bronone

Artist: Netti @whoisnetti

Male Model: Sam Windmeal @reversedvission 

Garments & Accessories: Alabama Blonde @alabamablonde & Sacreflux @sacreflux

Interview: Bailee-Rose @bailee.rosee


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