No Fixed Shape: Transcending the Physical Form

Willem Worldwide takes pleasure in creating individual pieces that serve propose in representing the identity of others. Their practice is based on materiality, a response to materiality and a dedication to how sustainable materials can be repurposed into new structures. Willem Worldwide is the armour for the other, the discarded body finding its identity again and again.

Willem Worldwide presented their debut collection ‘No Fixed Shape’ as apart of Proximity at Angel Bar, a new performance venue buried in Melbourne CBD. Proximity @p_r_x_y, curated by Marley Sheridan & Claudia Sinacori is a night about creating a diverse space for all to come together and dive deeper into explorative states of dance music, performance and fashion. The third Proximity explored the Laws of Closure; transforming ocular perceptions of form and figure by fluid movement to distorts and contorts all matters of the physical.

At the witching hours of Proximity, Willem Worldwide filled the space with structural designs that served the purpose of transcending beyond what we know our physical forms to be. ‘No Fixed Shape’ is a reflection of how we perceive the physical state of our bodies in relation to the interior mind. The collection was modelled by five Melbourne performers, that one by one ascended from the crowd as creatures who carry the power to alter reality in morphing their physical form by fluid movement that distorts and contorts the shape of the body.


Designer: Willem Horck @willemworldwide.w

Photographer: Anita Davis @ichikawalee

Makeup: Kate McWilliam @_katemcwilliam

Hair: Darren Cahalan @darrensham

Art Coordinator: Marley Sheridan @m0rtabella


Esther Angel @puss1e

Kirby Casilli

Jacob Coppedge @jadaboii

Finnigan Edwards @freeinstafollwerz1234

Kevin Cheung @kevincheung__


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