No Sesso + Kelsey Lu’s Celestial Getty Fashion Performance

Visiting the Getty Museum for the first time, I was in awe. The incredible mountaintop setting that hovered in the clouds over the city of Los Angeles made it feel as though we were guests to the heavens; the towering curved stone structure that led into alcoves and garden oasis’ – a modern day Garden of Eve. All of which combined to make a perfect setting for No Sesso’s fashion show for Friday Flights at the Getty. Looking towards the future with the latest Icons of Style exhibition, the Getty celebrated the¬†forward-thinking brand, who is known for representing POC and blurring gender boundaries.

The show itself was a fashion performance, paying homage to the artists who had previously stood in the hallways. The presentation started with models wading through a pool, their fabrics softly draping in the water after them as though they were Gods walking on the clouds. After their bath they strutted down the stone floor, standing in a line, while two models danced whimsically to the celestial sounds of cellist and singer Kelsey Lu. An interactive runway allowed for the crowd to physically be a part of the performance, and join the No Sesso army.

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Photography by Lloyd Galbraith and Max Gunkel


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