Pabllo Vittar ‘Buzina’ Video Will Blow You Out of this Galaxy

Brazilian drag superstar and LGBTQ+ icon Pabllo Vittar is back with a new intergalactic video for her song ‘Buzina’. Known for her wildly upbeat and visually hypnotic clips that immediately have you gyrating on the dancefloor, ‘Buzina’ takes it up a notch and transports us out of this galaxy. Wearing an impressive array of bedazzled costumes, Pabllo takes on an army of alien creatures, where she inevitably kicks ass.

Directed by Os Primos directing duo João Monteiro and Fernando Moraes, the clip gives us heavy 1960’s sci-fi film vibes – all those ponytails, metallic bodysuits and cheesy alien characters – and we’re here for it. Nothing like an array of sexy choreographed kick-ass dance moves that slay and seduce foreign creature simultaneously!

‘Buzina’, which translates to ‘horn’ in English, is the latest video from Pabllo Vittar’s recent album Nāo Para Nāo, which is a masterpiece of addictive tracks in itself. Check out Pabllo Vittar in the video for ‘Buzina’ below and get ready to be dazzled:


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