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How Grey’s Anatomy Helps Me Cope with Gender Dysphoria

Writer Jam Bridgett shares their experiences in dealing with gender dysphoria and how watching Grey’s Anatomy helped them explore their need for top surgery, and the aftermath of being cared for and healing. I first saw an episode of Grey’s Anatomy at some point in high school. Then, I watched in disgust as much as […]

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Say Goodbye to TikTok and its Hidden Diversity Problems

A recent report revealing that TikTok suppresses LGBTQ+ content in at least 8 languages is the latest development in a string of censorship controversies TikTok has faced. As of Sunday, TikTok will vanish from Apple and Google’s U.S. app stores following an executive order signed by Donald Trump which aims to “safeguard the national security […]

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Mented Cosmetics Is the WOC Beauty Standard

Mented Cosmetics is one of the top upscale beauty brands for women of color, and for good reason. If you look at any list of Black-owned beauty companies, you will most definitely see their name. The focus of Mented Cosmetics is to create subtle and natural makeup looks for women of color by offering a […]

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Victor Jackson is Breaking Barriers for Queer Love in Music

Atlanta based singer, songwriter and musical icon Victor Jackson delves into R&B/soul music to break all barriers regarding queer “taboo” love. He uses his gift to represent individuals who are still scared to find freedom and live authentically, communicating that love is, in fact, the most powerful vibration as it brings out the true nature […]

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Magic of the Gender Spectrum in Planeta Peligro

Planeta Peligro (Danger Planet) serves as an alternate reality where people of all sides of the gender spectrum wear armor that molds to their most authentic selves, existing and recognizing their own divinity in designs by AfroMystik. Danger comes to any social norms placed on the wearer and anyone who tries to restrain this magic, […]

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Enter the Subvrt Graphic Design Competition Now!

Subvrt is officially launching our very first graphic design competition. We are in search of new designs for our next merch collection and we want it to come from our community. The merch you will be designing will be for T-shirts, hoodies, and any future branded product. How to Win the $300 Grand Prize Plus […]

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