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End Non-Binary Fashion, We Need to Degender All Clothing

Non-binary fashion icon and creator Radam Ridwan challenges the notion of static non-binary clothing, letting us know that there is not one singular way how an individual can look non-binary, nor is there a uniform universal non-binary style, sharing how we should focus our efforts on degendering all fashion. I am now an extremely chic […]

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Shamir: The Non-Binary Superstar Who’s Back to Save Alt-Rock

Shamir, the 25-year-old Las Vegas native rockstar/songwriter/self-manager, first hit the public eye with their single, “On The Regular,” from their 2015 album Ratchet. Since then, Shamir has released three more albums, with sounds that range from alt-rock to grunge, to electric dance-pop.  Shamir’s song “Running,” channels the musical sound of late 90s/early 2000s alt-rock and […]

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How Grey’s Anatomy Helps Me Cope with Gender Dysphoria

Writer Jam Bridgett shares their experiences in dealing with gender dysphoria and how watching Grey’s Anatomy helped them explore their need for top surgery, and the aftermath of being cared for and healing. I first saw an episode of Grey’s Anatomy at some point in high school. Then, I watched in disgust as much as […]

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Say Goodbye to TikTok and its Hidden Diversity Problems

A recent report revealing that TikTok suppresses LGBTQ+ content in at least 8 languages is the latest development in a string of censorship controversies TikTok has faced. As of Sunday, TikTok will vanish from Apple and Google’s U.S. app stores following an executive order signed by Donald Trump which aims to “safeguard the national security […]

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