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Creating My Kink Universe: A Personal Essay

I believe the way I got into kink is related to how my sexual experiences began. After my parent’s divorce, I spent the school year with my dad in Delaware and summers with my mom in California, which is where I met my first partner. She was very into exploring – “let’s do this, let’s […]

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Let It All Out: A Look Inside Atlanta Ballroom Culture

A look inside the Atlanta ballroom culture, its traditions and how the city energizes and inspires the community with Tia Blahnik (House of Blahnik), Candice Revlon (House of Revlon), Zo Balmain (House of Balmain), and Elijah Ebony (House of Ebony). Footage taken from the Red Bull Music Presents: ATL Is Burning ball. Film presented by Red […]

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Subvrt x TWOCC Party

We threw a Subvrt party to raise money for non-profit organisation Trans Women of Color Collective. There were weird and wonderful performances, wild looks and, of course, beautiful souls supporting a great cause. Check some of the snaps below. Photos by Jose @callmebyjose & Taylor Kim @itsteacake Don’t miss our next event, Subvrt’s short film night […]

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XVÑERAS: Celebrating Independence in Mexico

XVÑERAS was inspired by September in Mexico, the month that marks Independence Day (Día de la Independencia). It is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the “cry of independence” that took place on September 16, 1810, which started a revolt against the Spaniards. It follows from the day of the Cry of Dolores (El Grito de Dolores), a historical […]

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