Pip & Honey: Fantasy Within an Urban Playground

This retro day at the park explores a sense of fantasy and playfulness within an urban landscape, featuring the fashion and print designs of Megan O’Cain who reinterprets late 60s era influences and narrative storytelling through the lens of clothing and print.

Here we see characters from a dream world called “The Land of Pip and Honey” represented within the prints, and through the editorial they are contextualized into our everyday world. Pip and Honey create a light-hearted and whimsical approach to fashion that questions expectations of our daily wear and creates a form of dreamlike storytelling. In a collaboration with photographer Damarys Alvarez, both create this 60’s fantasy world through the lens of a 1955 Rolleiflex, capturing 6×6 vibes of vintage vision!


Photographer: Damarys Alvarez @daexpose

Designer: Megan O’Cain @_meganocain

Models: Gabrielle @feminine.intuition Francesca @franche95 Shay @loser.ette


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