Playhouse Grot3sk Subvrt Film Night

Celebrating a range of filmmakers from around the world, the Subvrt film night Playhouse Grot3sk presented the unusually informative, the weirdly beautiful, the absurdly pleasurable. One of our filmmakers Alabama Blonde flew all the way from Australia and combined a fashion presentation with her film. Check out some of the pics from the night below.

Subvrt Film Night
Subvrt Film Night
Devi and Alabama Blonde
Subvrt Film Night
Talon @hallowedtalons
Brinda, Devi & Anika
Taylor & Calvin 

Photos by Ryan Aylsworth 

Subvrt Film Night
Lyena @kitsuneghost
Lily & Lyena
Lily @fascinatinglily
Subvrt Film Night
Brinda @brindanotbrenda
Melaine, Sadé, River and Cappuccino Brown
Dialló Mitch @_mystylist
Princess Cyberspace @princesscyberspace
Sara and Julio
DJ Kita @djkita4eva

Photos by Lloyd Galbraith


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