Queer Artists Creating Change: James Majesty

Celebrating the queer community, we are starting a new column featuring queer artists who are using their platforms to positively affect change. To kick off the series we caught up with the Seattle based drag artist James Majesty.

James Majesty

How did you get into drag originally?

I honestly can’t remember when it all started. I was raised primarily by females most of my life which allowed me to play “dress-up” from a young age. I use to watch my aunt put on bold makeup, sparkly clothes, high heels; and I would try to imitate her. I think I’ve always been a drag artist, I just didn’t have a name for it when I was young. 

James Majesty

What was the best part about competing on Dragula?

Competing on Dragula surprised me because I didn’t expect to learn so much about myself going into the competition. I didn’t have many drag queen friends before and I wasn’t one of the girls who wanted to be involved deeply in the typical drag culture, I don’t find all the “yassss” and “boots the house down” to really be my style. However, the other contestants really showed me I could find community even in a place I wasn’t sure I wanted to fit into. Dragula made me feel like I belonged, and it helped me be less of a bitch.

James Majesty

You recently released your EP “Pervert”. What were your main inspirations when writing and recording it?

I consider “Pervert” to be a comedy album. I wanted to create something campy, dirty, and stupid to bring me back to my roots. After Dragula I felt my personality come off very strong but not 100% true to who I am; I was in defensive mode on the show and in reality, I’m much more of a clown and this album was an opportunity to showcase how much of a dork & pervert I actually am!

Listen to Pervert here –


James Majesty

Do you have any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

I’m currently working on a second album, which is expected to come out at the end of 2018. It will include many exciting queer features! Also, a makeup tour is in the works and I’ve been working on starting a company with my big brother, Taylor Reign. 

James Majesty

We read that you are working on a few projects to help queer youth learn more about safe sex practices. Tell us more about this project and your sex positive activism. 

Yes! I’m really excited to be getting involved with queer sex education again! My brother Taylor and I have been putting together a project that will involve porn stars and drag queens that will help comically educate primarily queer youth. It will be a YouTube video series airing in 2019. Think of it as a comedy sketch show with a really gay twist!

James Majesty


Talent: James Majesty @jamesmajesty

Makeup/Hair/Styling: James Majesty @jamesmajesty

Production / Set Design: Calvin Chen @pinkslutskill Taylor Kim @itsteacake

Photography: Lloyd Galbraith www.lloydgalbraith.com @lloydgalbraith


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