Queer Berlin Creatives Oomami and Phoebe Ball in Conversation

OOMAMI, the taste you just can’t get enough of!

Introducing drag persona Oomami in her debut wearing Berlin-based sustainable upcycling brand Melisa Minca, teamed with vintage & second-hand pieces. Oomami aka Marco is a queer Berlin-based model – new to the scene and has slowly been making himself more seen throughout Berlin as SatansFavToy. Oomami is Marco’s drag persona who has been waiting for the perfect club night to free herself, but sadly COVID-19 has stalled those dreams. Queer photographer Phoebe Ball collaborated with Marco to produce this retro dream incorporating the spirit of techno.

Marco met Phoebe during his first Berlin club experience at the iconic Pornceptual and since then they have been almost inseparable. Queer Berlin-based creatives Phoebe and Marco did a mini-interview to talk all things queer, and Berlin.

Oomami drag persona from Berlin.

P: Do you have a drag debut planned once the clubs are officially open?

M: No, not really, Oomami has been manifesting herself slowly in the illegal raves during quarantine and I think that has become a part of her truth. She is a part of my life, like techno and is just existing, that is her statement, to just be, she doesn’t need to make a big splash, and tell everyone, they know when I enter room. That’s what I love about techno, ‘come as you are,’ enjoy the music and atmosphere.

Berlin queer creatives Phoebe Ball and Oomami in conversation.

What are the best things about the club scene in Berlin?

Well I have more experienced this unique ‘underground’ scene since moving here, but most of my close friends and my loves I have met because of techno, so I would definitely say the community. We all share and take care of each other, so that we can all have a great time together. We all feed off the energy that everyone else gives, we keep it healthy. 

Drag artist Oohmami

Where’s your favourite place to party?

If there is good music and there are no police, anywhere is a good enough place for me.

Do you want to say a few things about the designs you’re wearing in this photo series? How do the pieces make you feel?

I try to be sincere in everything I do throughout life, so all the pieces I wore, we consciously chose, and when I wore them made me feel absolute in myself. I could walk through Berlin and not for a second question myself. I also love the fact that all of Melisa’s pieces are couture, one of a kind and made to suit you, as well as upcycled, not this fast fashion BS that is unsustainable and impersonal.

Very important question, what is queer to you?

It’s quite subjective, for me personally there are two queers, one referring to sexuality and gender, and the other meaning the way of life. One can be gay, yet not queer because they are stuck on the idea of assimilating. To me queer as a way of life means, break the system, screw heteronormativity and all the traditional rules, be non-monogamous (if you want) and break gender norms. Since coming to Germany, I really question everything, so that every aspect of my life is a conscious decision and not just “socially-accepted” rules, that don’t truly fulfil me.


Model: Marco @satansfavtoy

Photography & Art Direction: Phoebe Ball: @phoebeball_

Clothing by Melisa Minca: @melisaminca

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