Queer Couples in Love: Cheeky and Nar

Celebrating love, and more specifically, love in the queer community, we are starting a new segment featuring a range of queer couples who we love and admire! Kicking off the series is NYC based creative powerhouse Cheeky and Nar, who are just the damn cutest, being ridiculous talented in their own ways, and spreading Cupid’s energy through the admiration and pure love they have for each other. Cheeky @cheekymaa is self-described as a ‘multi-talented freak’, specialising in hair, modelling, fashion and being a weird little muse in general. Nar @narrokh is an incredible producer & DJ (with style to die for), who most recently performed at Outfest with Mykki Blanco.

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How did you meet?

C: I had just moved into my first apartment in NYC. Nar was friends with my roommate, was visiting for a gig and staying on our couch. He was mysterious and cute, I honestly wanted to jump on top of him but I was trying to stay cool. One night he was complaining about the couch, how it was uncomfortable and hurt his back, I was like… ”My bed is big and comfy, you can come sleep with me.” 😉  He said “nahh” PLAYING HARD TO GET. Two nights later I offered again and this time he said yes. Let’s just say it became “our” bed after that. He was only supposed to be in NYC for 2 weeks, that turned into 2 years.

N: She was very persistent lol.

queer couples

How would you describe each other in 3 words?

C: My Sexy Pedarsagh

N: Sweet, baby, angel

queer couples

You are both such strong, creative forces. Do you often work on projects together?

C: We’ve done many photo shoots together and a few videos. We are a team, we help each other during our creative processes and are supportive of each other’s work.

N: Absolutely, we are always collaborating or individually helping and pushing each other to work harder.

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What does it mean to you to be a queer couple in 2018?

C: As a queer couple that is very open, especially on social media, I hope that we are an inspiration to younger, and even older generations. To be in a healthy relationship you must be true. You can’t let heteronormative ideology control who you love, your life and your happiness.

N: To be visible in the face of our adversaries.

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What is one issue that you are very passionate about?

C: One issue I’ve been passionate about my whole life is putting an end to unrealistic beauty standards. Growing up, and even as adults, media tells us what we should look like to be accepted, and it ruins people’s confidence. We should all be encouraged to embrace our differences and feel empowered by our individuality.

N: Equality for all, especially trans folks and POC’s.

queer couplesqueer couples

Tell us about the gofundme campaign that you currently have going?

C: On April 5th, 2018 Nar will be undergoing top surgery as part of his physical transition. I understand that he views himself inside, very different than his physical self and I believe that this surgery will help him to feel more at home in his body. That’s why I started this campaign for him as a birthday present. Our goal is to raise $5,000 to help cover the cost of living while he is recovering, and out of pocket expenses post surgery. We are almost to the goal, thanks to all our friends, family and incredible supportive community.

N: I feel very blessed to be able to undergo this life changing operation and am grateful to everyone who has donated so far. I’m very fortunate to know such generous people and am looking forward to my top surgery 3 weeks from now. We are over halfway towards our goal and I thank cheeky everyday for giving me such an amazing birthday gift. Love you baby <3

queer couples

Images by Lloyd Galbraith, interview by Sara Nicolette.


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